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The 10 best beard oils to buy in the UK

Picture of a beard oil

Beard oil may feel like a recent trend, but it has actually been available since the 1930s. Granted, the great beard oil products available today are a newer addition to the market, with a wide range of products available for men sporting facial hair. Given the huge selection of products to choose from, you may be wondering what the best beard oil for your beard may be. So let’s take a closer look at what might work for you.

What are beard oils?

Beard oil is a type of oil applied to beards in order to moisturize the skin beneath the facial hair while also keeping the beard itself healthy. The best beard oils will leave facial hair looking healthier and feeling much softer, as well as offering benefits to the skin. Beard oils can be made from a variety of ingredients, although their main aim is the same – keeping facial hair moisturized to prevent the hair from becoming brittle and uncomfortable.

Why should you buy a good beard oil?

For any man sporting a beard, beard oil is a fantastic cosmetic product well worth investing in. Not only does it make your beard look and feel softer, but it maintains healthy levels of moisture in the skin and hair to prevent uncomfortable dryness. So, if you have a beard that is itchy, dry, or suffers from sensitive skin but still want some facial hair, then the best option is beard oil as it offers relief from all of the above. The best beard oils also come with a naturally masculine scent.

How to choose the right beard oil in 2024?

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To ensure you have the best beard oil for your beard, you will want to choose one based on the length of your facial hair, otherwise, you may not be gaining all the benefits from the product:

  • Stubble: Facial hair that has yet to form into a long length beard still require moisturizing, so the best beard oil for this would be something lighter. This can be made better if there are healing properties such as tea tree oil, as this can help with discomfort such as itching.
  • Medium Length: Any type of beard oil will be suitable for this length of beard, so it’s usually a case of personal preferences here. Look for something that has a nice scent or properties that appeal to you, such as for sensitive skin.
  • Long Length: Longer beards are much more difficult to maintain, which is why a heavier beard oil is the best option in most cases. This will help keep hair done, offering a much tidier appearance that most men desire.

Beyond choosing based on beard length, here are some other things to consider:

  • Scents: The best beard oils provide an alluring scent that should make your beard smell fantastic. However, as this is all down to personal preference, be sure to find a scent that you find appealing as you will be smelling it often!
  • Essential Oils: Different essential oils offer different benefits for the beard oil, so be sure to find one that suits your needs. For instance, lavender can soothe the skin while tea tree can fight irritations, so try to have an idea of what your beard and skin need most to get the best beard oil.

What is the best kind of beard oil in the UK?

With so many products to choose from, finding the best beard oil for your skin and beard can feel somewhat overwhelming. However, there are few notable types of beard oil products that may appeal to your needs.

  • Beard Oils: The best all-round beard oil, they feature a carrier oil that mimics the oils produced by the skin, while carrying essential oils, the main active ingredient. Every essential oil serves a different purpose and offers different types of benefits.
  • Beard Balms: Beard oils aren’t always oil-based, as many products feature a balm consistency. These are better than beard oil for holding hair in places, while oils present in the balm provide the same benefits as standard beard oil. Balms melt easily into the hand, turning into an oil-like substance, so it starts off a soft product before turning a light balm material offering many benefits.
  • Beard Washes: A common misconception is that standard shampoo for the hair is suitable for washing a beard. This isn’t the case, as they are far too powerful and can end up stripping the hair of its natural oils, causing dry and brittle hair. The best beard oils work most effectively when combined with beard wash, as they combine to offer many benefits while ensuring facial hair and skin stay hydrated.

Top 10 list of beard oils in the UK (2024)

The bestseller list compares brands and their beard oils. Which beard oil is the best?
Best choice TOP 1
Image of BULLDOG X301111800 beard oil
Bulldog Mens Skincare and Grooming Original Beard Oil, 30 ml
  • Drop the desired amount of beard oil into palm. Apply evenly to facial hair and…
  • This conditioning beard oil improves the shine of the beard without making it look…
  • It has been specially formulated to soften, tame and condition the beard.
Viking Revolution - Beard Oil - All Natural With Organic Argan &…
  • THE VIKING PROMISE - If for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, simply…
  • TAME STUBBORN FACIAL HAIR - Have a manageable, frizz-free beard that is soft &…
  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - A perfect blend of Argan & Jojoba strengthens facial…
Offer TOP 3
Image of L'Oreal Paris 3600523526062 beard oil
L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Skin Care Barber Club Beard Skin…
  • Enriched with natural Cedarwood Essential Oil, a fruity yet woody fragrance
  • Enriched with cedarwood oil, a fruity yet woody fragrance
  • Non-greasy oil also soothes discomfort and cares for the skin beneath
Image of ISNER MILE MS-C0010 beard oil
ISNER MILE Beard Oil 5 Pack Set, Natural, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Sage,…
  • PERFECT GIFT SELECTION FOR BEARD MAN - Our beard oil set won't let you down!…
  • TREAT YOUR BEARD ATTENTIVELY - Just 3-4 drops a day, rubbing it in the palm, spreading…
  • TAME YOUR COARSE BEARD - Beard oil keeps your beard looking fuller, softer, tamer,…
Image of MO BRO'S  beard oil
Mo Bros Beard Oil 100ml - Black Edition. Cologne Inspired. Nourishing…
  • 5. JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Trusted by over 1 million bearded brothers worldwide, delivering…
  • 4. Sophisticated Scent - Black Edition (Cologne Based) Enriched with earthy notes…
  • 3. Versatility - Our Beard Oil has a variety of key benefits which range from hydrating…
Image of SEVEN POTIONS SP0001BOWH30 beard oil
Seven Potions Premium Beard Oil for Men — Jojoba Oil Beard Softener…
  • MADE IN ENGLAND: The Seven Potions Beard Oil is manufactured entirely in England…
  • YOUR BEST BEARD: Upgrade your beard and moustache care routine. This luxury men's…
  • PERFORMANCE & QUALITY: Prevents beard dandruff, split ends, promotes beard growth…
Image of King. C Gillette 8001841618432 beard oil
King C. Gillette Beard Oil for Men, 30 ml, with Plant Based Argan…
  • For better results combine with our King C beard shampoo and beard balm
  • Apply a few drops daily (more for longer beards) onto your palm then work treatment…
  • The ingredients have been carefully selected to look after the skin underneath and…
Image of L’Oréal Paris men expert 3600524048808 beard oil
L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Beard Oil, Barberclub Mens Daily Beard…
  • Put desired amount of oil into palm (2 to 3 drops according to your beard length)…
  • Enriched with cedarwood oil, a fruity yet woody fragrance.
  • Non-greasy oil also soothes discomfort and cares for the skin beneath.
Image of BE MY BEARD BeMyBeardOil beard oil
BY MY BEARD Beard Oil, 30ML rated No.1 by GQ by Xen Labs
  • Product type: HAIR STYLING AGENT
  • BY MY BEARD Beard Oil 30ML rated No.1 by GQ by Xen Labs
  • By My Beard Beard Oil 30Ml Rated No.1 By Gq By Xen Labs
TOP 10
Image of Arlo's 91022AR beard oil
Arlo's Beard Oil - Pro Growth 75 ml
  • Boost your beard’s hair growth with our 100 % natural Castor Oil Pro-Growth…
  • Arlo’s Pro-Growth Beard Oil contains a powerful blend that will stimulate your…
  • It conditions and moisturizies to promote a soft, thick-growing beard. The natural…
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